The Rise of VIP Programs at Casinos

The rise of VIP Casinos and how to benefit

Casino operators are constantly looking for ways to attract new customers and increase revenue. Customers who feel appreciated will tend to come back to use that casino again. VIP programs come in many forms, from free meals and hotel rooms to cruises and private jets. Here’s why they work—and how you can maximize your casino experience by using them.

How VIP programs help casinos

VIP programs are great for casinos and other entertainment facilities. The idea behind VIP programs is to incentivize people to spend more money and return more often by offering them exclusive benefits and rewards. A VIP program helps casinos to keep up with the competition, and it helps them to compete by offering better benefits than their competitors.

Benefit #1: Free meals and hotels

One of the easiest and most flexible ways to add loyal customers is to offer them exclusive benefits and rewards. One way to do that is with free meals.

Bonus points come in many forms. You can collect tickets to rock concerts, deposit funds at random during a big sporting event, and receive gifts like a new digital device such as an iPhone for your birthday. All you need to do is focus on your cash-bonus points

Benefit #2: Free cruise

Most cruises cost between $400 and $800 and give people access to exceptional onboard amenities, such as flat-screen televisions, gym memberships, and priority seat assignments. However, these benefits are usually optional for anyone paying full price. When it comes to shipping costs, it takes more effort for someone to buy “extra” merchandise when they’re at a lower total cost.

The three things that casino VIP programs do for customers

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you’ve probably seen a VIP area for high rollers. These exclusive areas give players special treatment and perks like better food, service and seating options. Here are the three things that casinos do for their VIP customers:

1. To attract dedicated gamblers who need special attention and care to develop, a casino will find the right environment for them.

2. They will tailor their VIP programs to cater to their guest’s every need, lifestyle and gambling preference.

3. They will provide special seating, drinks and service for their VIP guests based on their needs and preferences.

How to get the best out of a VIP Casino

VIP programs from casinos around the world

Casinos have been offering VIP programs for decades, but they are still relevant for casinos today. The idea is simple: you give loyal customers special rewards and benefits. But the possibilities are endless.

During the early days of amusement parks, the most loyal customers were the ones that came every day. During carnivals, the most loyal customers were the ones who went every year. Regular customers became VIP customers, which means they would bring their friends, their families, their girlfriends, and their partners. And if you noticed the VIP customers were frequenting your attractions every day, then you’d recommend them to other VIP customers — and then you’d make sure to regularly add new attractions for those “VIP customers.” That’s essentially what a VIP program would look like for retail businesses.

Choosing an increasing number of local VIP customers is one thing, but it means nothing if loyalty doesn’t transfer from casino to casino.

The more a casino adds value, the more customers they’ll get. That’s why banks and other companies routinely offer loyalty programs. There are always people who are stingy with their money and who won’t become evangelists for casino brands. Regardless of credit card fees, a loyalty program makes people feel valued — and helps retain players.

Even if the latest chess computer or jet has no additional value beyond playing board games, a loyalty program can help keep lights on in a casino. The few brand-new programs that casinos set up have gross margins in the single-digit range and are likely to fail. But that’s not an indictment of the program itself. It’s just a reality of running a business. They have to ensure their programs produce sufficient returns. They can set up a profile that can track every purchase, but those costs need to be absorbed, too.


A Casino VIP program is a great way to reward your best customers. It also allows you to find new customers by attracting them to your loyalty program.

The VIP program is a welcome gift to customers, which is why it’s so vital to find it in the right way. Players get paid for their lifetime value, just like they would in an affiliate network (many of which use this method). They get a special kind of cashback on top of what they’re already getting if they stick around with the brand. The only catch is that if they decide to buy one or more of the premium services or upgrades from one plan to another, they can’t get the VIP program refunded back to them.