The Best Casinos in New Zealand

The Best Casinos in New Zealand

There are 6 casinos in New Zealand, the Dunedin Casino on the South Island of New Zealand, The Christchurch Casino, also on the South Island, SkyCity Auckland in the North Island, SkyCity Hamilton in the North Island, SkyCity Queenstown in the South Island, and Skycity Wharf, also in Queenstown. Why only six? Because a few years after the first casino opened in New Zealand in 1994, the Parliament of New Zealand Gambling has been popular for hundreds of years in New Zealand but in 1987 bowing to popular demand the government-approved slot machines, known as pokies, for charitable organizations. Once the cat was out of the bag, Kiwis demanded more, and in 1994 the first Casino in Chirschurh was approved. Within a few years, there were six casinos and the New Zealand Government decided to put a cap on the six casinos in perpetuity for New Zealand. However, all 6 casinos are the same. There is the giant SkyCity Auckland Casino which is also known as the best online casino in New Zealand to many, which hosts over 2100 slot machines and 150 gambling tables, a casino that rivals the best casinos in Las Vegas to the relatively small SkyCity Warf Casino which has only 6 gabbling tables and 74 pokies.

So which are the best casinos In New Zealand if you happen to visit

#1. SkyCity Casino in Auckland

Being that some of the largest casinos in Las Vegas such as the MGM grand have only around 2500 slot machines, SkyCity Auckland with 150 gaming tables and 2100 slot machines is no slacker in casino size. The second casino to open in New Zealand in 1996, SkyCity Auckland is by far the largest. Already license to have more slot machines and gambling tables than any other New Zealand casinos, in 2013 the government came to SkyCity with a proposition. In exchange for building an entirely new convention centre and entertainment complex, the government would allow SkyCity Auckland to add 230 slot machines and 40 additional gambling tables. SkyCity Complied and build a massive entertainment complex with 2 hotels, a 700-seat movie theatre, rooms for conventions, restaurants, and two new hotels (with a third opening up shortly.) With both a four-star and 5-star hotel on the premises together with a massive gaming floor, SkyCity Auckland is without a doubt the most modern casino in New Zealand. In addition to the normal casino facilities, SkyCity Auckland has VIP rooms, baccarat rooms, and poker rooms to attract visitors. There are even international hosts to facilitate visitors from other countries.

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#2. Christchurch Casino

The oldest and first casino in New Zealand opened in 1994, the Christchurch Casino is significantly smaller than the SkyCity Auckland Casino, having 500 slot machines and 34 gaming tables. And the atmosphere is noticeably different even on their respective websites. The SkyCity Auckland website features high rollers dressed to the nines and willing to spend big money, although there is no formal part of their dress code. However, Christchurch Casino actually shows gentlemen playing blackjack with flannel shirts and beards. It’s reported that at Christchurch Casino, you can actually play table games such as blackjack for $2 a hand. There is a VIP section in Christchurch Casino and the casino is famous for hosting the New Zealand poker championship, but the vibe is much more relaxed here. At Christchurch Casino, there are no hotels, but there are 3 restaurants. Another level of comparison between the two casinos is their operating hours. SkyCity Aukland is open 24 hours a day, while Christchurch Casino opens at noon and closes at 12 pm except on weekends when they stay open till 2 a.m, So which is better, SkyCity Auckland or Christchurch casino? There is no right answer here. It just depends upon the player. But simply realize that the Christchurch casino seems a little relaxed if occasionally crowded. SkyCity Auckland, with its hotels, tends to attract more international visitors than Christchurch Casino.

#3. SkyCity Hamilton

Think of SkyCity Hamilton as a mini-clone of SkyCity Auckland. No there are no hotels in the casino, but it is part of the Riverside Center complex, built on the banks of the Waikato River. Hamilton has a bustling cafe and bar scene, and the River Complex, which includes room for 600 conventioneers and even includes a large bowling alley is a standout in this fairly moderate-sized town. There are two restaurants and 3 bars located immediately in the casino. We place so much mention on the facilities because as a casino, those who are used to larger casino venues may be somewhat disappointed. SkyCity Hamilton has around 330 slot machines and 23 gaming tables. So its definitely not a mega establishment. However, besides the locals, SkyCity Hamilton gets a steady flow of visitors from the nearby convention business. As a result, SkyCity Hamilton, like its larger sister site, SkyCity Auckland is open 24 hours per day. Just don’t expect the same gambling. With only 23 gaming tables, there is no poker games nor any separate baccarat lounge.

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#4. The Dunedin Casino

The Dunedin Casino in picturesque Dunedin features 12 gaming tables and around 180 slots. Around 60 per cent of all gamblers are tourists, and another 20 per cent come to enjoy the three reastraunts and 2 bars. One of the benefits of visiting the Dunedin casino is that it is located in a Grand Hotel, the Southern Cross. Although Dunedin does not own the hotel, the Southern Cross is one of the jewels of the New Zealand hotel industry. Built-in 1883, the Southern Cross is a landmark hotel that must be seen to be appreciated, and guest at the casino earn discounts at the hotel for gambling. The Dunedin Casino is by far not the largest casino, but many visitors find the total package of the 1800s hotel and casino to be absolutely charming and a great place to spend an evening. The food and the decor make this a great place to visit.