Sponsorship and Exhibition

Sponsorship, Exhibition & Patronage

To succeed in achieving the conference aims and enabling affordable registration fees, we are seeking financial support through sponsorship and patronage opportunities.

Please consider asking your department or University to partner with us for the  International Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines conference–or become a patron of the Association for CEAD itself.

International partnerships enhance institutional standing, among other obvious benefits.

For details of the full range of sponsorship packages or inquiries about sponsorship and patronage, please download the CEAD 2018 Sponsorship Brochure

The partnership with our patrons and sponsors is of utmost importance to us. Together we will enable and legitimate CEAD researchers, scholars and practitioners to:

  • push the boundaries of ethnographic and qualitative research
  • ask new questions
  • inform policy makers of ways to serve citizenry better
  • develop cutting-edge tools for contemporary inquiry
  • expand international, reciprocal relationships
  • reframe contemporary issues for novel solutions
  • explore, value and recognise the researcher / participant relationship–by learning to work cooperatively
  • explore the e/affects of research on participant communities
  • contribute to the enhancement of every day practices
  • give voice to the disadvantaged and underrepresented
  • work to build a sustainable and equitable future for all societies –and individuals in those societies
  • define and strive for more just societies; develop more ethical practices (in research and the lived experience)
  • build social justice and transformation in communities
  • support emerging researchers and graduate students.