Praxis and Advocacy

Praxis and Advocacy: Doing Ethnography on the Ground.

Bringing ethnographic insights to real people is a critical facet of what contemporary ethnographers do: no longer is it sufficient to merely classify and describe. Issues in this stream include identification of who research participants are, the nature of the ‘researcher’/’researched’ relationship(s), how participants’ lives (and all involved in the research process) may be affected.

What contemporary and future practices might ethnographers utilise to broaden the scope of working with real people, providing praxis-oriented research, and advocating for 21st century groups and their practices? How might applied projects work to advance the day-to-day practices of everyday people? How might ethnographers work to benefit groups and individuals with whom we interact? The Praxis and Advocacy stream reflects a very practical, action-oriented kind of ethnography, one that is involved, engaged, and advocating for a multitude of groups and individuals.